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Naked pro-US and Japanese proclivities

     The Yoon Suk-yeol’ faction has divulged its pro-US and Japanese proclivities.

Some days ago, the Yoon group met with the US special representative for north Korea who visited south Korea and reeled off a string of rubbish such as watertight bilateral cooperation and close understanding.

Yoon had a luncheon with the US special representative for north Korea in camera and pledged himself to improve south Korea-US relations.

As soon as he won the presidency, he talked his master over the telephone, paid visit to the US military base in Pyeongtaek and dispatched a delegation to the US to consult its future policy with the US.

From the days of presidential candidate, Yoon is a pro-US man through and through and south Koreans are struck dumb by his submissive attitude toward the US.

The US administration is contented with his attitude and pats Yoon on the head, while saying “great expectation” and “thick cooperation”.  

Pro-American and pro-Japanese proclivities are twin brothers. It is unsightly to see Yoon’s pro-Japanese tendency.  

Yoon thinks that restoring sour south Korea-Japan relationship is for national interests.

The consultative delegation he sent to Japan was composed of person with pro-Japanese tendency.

Moreover, chief of staff of Yoon had a closed-door session with the head of Japan-south Korea friendship association who visited south Korea some days ago to ask Japanese prime minister to presidential inaugural ceremony.  

It is outcry of the public to settle final accounts with Japan that avoids atonement for the past crimes and whets the sword for reinvasion of the Korean Peninsula.   

The Yoon clique refuses to talk about past crimes with the Japanese government. They have little claim to be the Korean nation.  

From the past, the fates of those who have been steeped in pro-US and Japanese proclivities are miserable.

The future of the Yoon group, which throws Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye into the shade, awaits disgraceful downfall and hell.

Time will tell.

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