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Naked showdown

     The south Korean military has gone beyond the red line in its faceoff with north Korea.

A few days ago, the chiefs of the general staff of the south Korean army of the Yoon Suk-yeol regime spat out hectic remarks against north Korea at their inaugural ceremonies and the south Korean Ministry of Defense defined north Korea as the enemy in new textbook on moral education.

Moreover, the bellicose south Korean military is hell-bent on military drill for invasion of north Korea in league with the US.

The south Korean navy planned to mobilize the unprecedented scale of military forces including various kinds of warships as well as sea patrol planes and landing armored vehicles in the RIMPAC, the US-led multinational sea rehearsal since late June.

It carried out the south Korea-US joint military drill over international waters southeast of Okinawa Island on its way to Hawaii to take part in the exercise. The south Korea-US maritime exercise with involvement of the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was conducted after 55 months since November of 2017.

The south Korean air force decided to take part at Pitch Black, which is held in Australia for the first time in coming August with a multipurpose tanker plane.

The south Korean military would go anywhere to conduct war against north Korea, while siding with the Uncle Sam.  

It is right to say that Yoon and the south Korean military are running-dog for realization of the US Indo-Pacific strategy and military pressure upon north Korea.

Military provocation of the south Korean military that is utterly ignorant of their rival would only face self-destruction.

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