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National independence, lifeline of Korea’s reunification

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un, in his historic report at Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea, said that national independence is the main spirit running through the three principles for national reunification and a lifeline of reunification movement.

The principle of national independence originates from an intrinsic demand of the cause of Korea’s reunification.

Korea’s reunification, in essence, is a matter of linking the national blood ties which have been severed by foreign forces and of establishing the sovereignty of the Korean nation across the country. In consequence, the national reunification movement itself requests rebuff of domination and intervention of the foreign forces.

The foreign forces do not want a reunified prosperous nation to be built on the Korean Peninsula.

Counting on the foreign force, the very ringleader of national division and a marplot of reunification, would only bring controversy. Worse still, the foreign forces’ interference in and obstruction to Korea’s reunification are becoming all the more pronounced.   

It is very important to have clear view and stand, pluck and self-confidence in solving the issue of the country’s reunification with united efforts of the nation.   

The Korean nation in the north and the south is the prime mover of national reunification. It is the Korean nation who has vital interests in reunification and has capability to implement it.

The Korean nation in the north, south and abroad should never tolerate intervention and arbitrariness of the foreign force that is trying to divide the Korean nation forever and dominate over the Korean Peninsula and surrounding areas. They should solve the issue of national reunification in accordance with the principle of self-determination of peoples and independent demand of the nation.    

It is an act of treachery and against reunification to sell the dignity and interests of the nation to outside forces as the south Korean authorities are touting for cooperation in resolving the internal issues of the nation while making tour of foreign countries.

The south Korean authorities should discard the pro-US sycophancy attitude and take a resolute step to divorce humiliating US policy. They should discontinue cooperation with foreign forces harming the fellow countrymen.

The Korean nation in the north, south and abroad should totally reject sycophancy and dependence on the foreign force dampening the consciousness of national independence and national self-development.  

The triumph of the cause of Korea’s reunification is certain only when the Korean nation adheres to national independence as a lifeline of reunification movement and materializes it with all consistency.
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