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National workers’ meeting held

    National Trade Union had a national meeting of the workers to stop retrogressive revision of Labor Law and score a victory on general strike of the Cargo Transportation Solidarity on December 3.

The participants strongly accused Yoon’s group of openly bringing pressure upon the trade union and revising the Labor Law for the worse.

The Yoon regime leaving people out of consideration should be brought to a stern punishment, we ask for a return commensurate with our work, we demand the minimum living standards as much as we make efforts, however, the authorities put pressure upon the workers not satisfied with making it illegal, we denounce the present government for deceiving laborers and threatening people, they censured.

Yoon Suk-yeol proclaimed war against people, we will reply to him with vigorous struggle, go into action, we will show him the end of the anti-popular regime, they raised their voices in condemnation.

The National Trade Union issued a resolution on waging an unyielding struggle in denunciation of Yoon regime’s anti-labor policy and suppression on laborers.

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