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Nationwide action against US

On July 27, the People’s Joint Action held a meeting to demand the conclusion of peace agreement and the suspension of south Korea-US joint military exercise “Alliance 19-2”, in front of the US embassy on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of conclusion of armistice agreement.

Han Choong-mok, permanent representative of the Solidarity for Progress stressed “We’re standing at the turning point to ensure a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula or be reduced to an eternal colony by south Korea-US-Japan military alliance. We get together here to fight against the US not only against Abe”.

Participants noted that the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula should be realized through simultaneous and phased approach in response to the US promise of war-end declaration on the Korean Peninsula, conclusion of peace agreement, DPRK-US diplomatic relations and DPRK-US nonaggression pact.

THAAD must be withdrawn to greet a new era of peace, prosperity and reunification. And GSOMIA should be abolished aiming at formation of south Korea-Japan military nexus along with THAAD, they stressed.

They called for the people to open a fresh era of peace, prosperity and reunification in unity with laborer, peasants, the poor, women, intellectual, religionists, youth and students.

The meeting ended with their shouting slogans Conclude peace agreement, Stop south Korea-US military exercise, Abolish GSOMIA and No US wrecking peace in front of the US embassy.
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