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Nationwide anti-Yoon Suk-yeol campaign

According to south Korean mass media, the candlelight rallies and demonstrations in demand of resignation of Yoon Suk-yeol were held across south Korea.

The participants shouted the slogans “Let Yoon go and greet a new year. Let’s make 2023 the year of Yoon’s resignation”, “New Year’s gift is Yoon’s resignation”, “Yoon’s resignation is hope and peace” and “Let’s make 2023 the year without Yoon”.

They flied paper plane written with “Resignation of Yoon” and “Arrest Kim Keun-hee” to show their wish for the new year.

The civil organizations of various circles which hosted the candlelight rallies and demonstrations made public “five mad remarks of Yoon in 2022”, “five news in 2022”, and “ten news in 2022” they got from the survey. They revealed Yoon’s anti-popular policy, submissive acts and anti-DPRK confrontation item by item.

They appealed active people’s participation and declared that they would launch one million people signature campaign and wage an intense candlelight resistance in demand of Yoon’s resignation.  

On the other hand, the 22nd candlelight grand march in demand of Yoon’s resignation and special investigation into his wife was held in Seoul.

What is necessary for this society is to remove an obstacle, it’s none other than the Yoon administration. The regress of history should be blocked with the efforts of people holding candlelight, they held.   

They shouted the slogans “Yoon, leave your office!” and “Yoon’s resignation is peace” holding red placards written with “destitution of people’s livelihood, political retaliation, disturbance of peace, pro-Japanese treacherous act”.

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