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Nature of the Yongsan regime

A few days ago, a politician said that the Yongsan regime is, in short, a pro-American and Japanese regime and pro-American and Japanese proclivities are the nature of the Yongsan regime.

He is quite right.

Of recent, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of south Korea held a meeting of the south Korean, US and Japanese chief delegates for north Korea nuclear program and reiterated “diversification of security cooperation in coping with north Korea’s nuclear threat” and “blockade of source of funds for curbing north Korea’s additional step”.

Moreover, it blustered the iron-clad international cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan for “improving human rights of north Korea”.

It is not only a useless farce to keep worn-out cooperation against north Korea by licking the boots of the US and Japan, but also a criminal act to take part in establishment of tripartite nexus between south Korea, the US and Japan for realization of the US supremacy over Asia.

In retrospect, one-year long rule of Yoon Suk-yeol has been dotted with pro-US and Japanese acts.

Yoon met the US delegation and described the south Korea-US alliance as a linchpin in his inaugural ceremony before he made promises of resumption of the south Korea-US joint military rehearsal and investment of the south Korean business groups in the US taking advantage of Biden’s hostile policy toward north Korea.

South Korea has been reduced into an advanced nuclear base of the US for invasion of north Korea and the situation on the Korean Peninsula is inching close to a war.

On the other hand, the south Korean business groups were cold-shouldered by neighboring nations. To add insult to injury, they suffered a serious financial damage from the US.

Moreover, owing to Yoon’s weak-kneed diplomacy toward Japan, the latter is putting spurs to the process for becoming a military power for realization of the old dream of “the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”.

It makes a big talk that south Korea should bring forward a solution before Japan, clamoring Dok Islet, an inviolable territory of the Korean nation as its own.

South Koreans from all social standings say that it would be absolutely perfect if Japan imported Yoon Suk-yeol to make him its prime minister after his retirement.

It is said that dependence on outside forces is bound to go to ruin.

As long as Yoon Suk-yeol who instinctively has a sycophantic proclivity toward the US and Japan takes power, a war and downfall of the people’s livelihood are inevitable.

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