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Nexus leading to terrible consequence

     Broad spectrum of the south Korean people strongly censure the south Korea-US joint statement issued some days ago.

They branded it as a disgraceful statement currying favor with the US, a dangerous agreement and a modern edition of the Ulsa Five-Point Treaty.

The presidents of south Korea and the US emphasized animosity toward north Korea and pressure upon it including improvement of extended deterrence, increase of the south Korea-US joint military game in scale, and deployment of the US strategic assets, while bring the hostile policies toward the north to the surface in the statement.

They spelled out for the first time in the statement that they would enlarge the sphere and scale of the south Korea-US joint military rehearsals in and around of the Korean Peninsula. The statement pointed out the military exercise with Japan.  

South Korea hereby is sure to be reduced into an advanced base and a supply one of the US for its realization of supremacy, and the Korean Peninsula is involved in the vortex of nuclear war.

Although lots of one-sided treaties have been concluded between south Korea and the US until now, there has been nothing more than aggressive and criminal one like the statement.

South Korea was placed in more wretched plight which it should be restricted by the statement so as to do as required by the US like a calf with ring fixed in its nose.

Yoon Suk-yeol fully revealed his true color of top grade pro-US betrayer through the meeting.

It is quite natural that the south Koreans of every social standing bitterly criticized the meeting and joint statement and expressed their resolve to launch vigorous struggle against the US.  

Yoon will face a dire result caused by pro-US sycophancy and dependence on foreign forces chosen by himself and destructive fate.  

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