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No Deployment of THAAD!

On July 8, the U.S. and the south Korean belligerent group decided to deploy THAAD in south Korea, despite the unanimous opposition and rejection of the south Korean people and many other countries.

They mislead the public opinion by saying their decision is an inevitable option as north Korean rockets and its test-fire pose a serious threat to south Korea and the Asia-Pacific region.

The THAAD deployment is a direct product of the sinister ambition of the U.S. to dominate the world by holding its military hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region and the south Korean puppet group’s vicious moves to escalate the confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north in a bid to invade the north, backed by its master.

The deployment is aimed at establishing an Asia-version NATO with the U.S.-south Korean alliance as an axis to contain great powers and take military supremacy in Northeast Asia.

There are strong protests against the U.S. and south Korean authorities’ decision of deployment of THAAD throughout south Korea.   

On July 9, there took place a large-scale rally with the participation of more than 3,000 people under the sponsorship of the Chilgok measure committee against the deployment of THAAD composed of various circles of people.

The people in the county would not offer even one pyeong (one pyeong equals 3.3 square meters) for the deployment of the THAAD, they stressed.  

The civic organizations noted that the decision of THAAD deployment was released one-sidedly without public consensus as it is an issue vital to security of the people. They urged the U.S. and south Korean authorities to withdraw the decision at once as the decision would heighten military tension on the Korean Peninsula.      

The opposition parties including the People’s Party and the Justice Party said that the decision of deployment of THAAD should be cancelled and reexamine it as it would touch off arms race in the Northeast Asia and constitute a threat to peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula.    

The introduction of THAAD to south Korea shows the Park Geun-hye regime is a group of an unparalleled traitor.   
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