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No Trump’s visit!

Actions were launched all at once in different parts of south Korea on Nov. 4 in protest against U.S. President Trump’s visit to south Korea and in demand of the removal of evils of the conservative forces under the sponsorship of Anti-Trump Joint Action composed of 220 odd political parties and organizations.

All-people rallies against Trump’s visit took place in Seoul, Daejon, Daegu, Busan, Ulsan, south Korean Gangwon, North Cheolla and South Gyeongsang provinces and other parts at the same time under the sponsorship of the Anti-Trump Joint Action.

Trump has browbeaten north Korea by spouting a litany of “fire and fury” and “total destruction”, while aggravating the tension on the Korean Peninsula with military option, they charged. 

Trump’s junket to Seoul is nothing close to peace and it is crystal clear that he would stoke war mood by bulldozing south Korea into putting pressure and applying sanctions on north Korea, they noted.

It is as plain as a pikestaff that Trump’s junket would enliven militarization of Japan to form triangular military alliance, they said. 

South Korea-U.S. alliance is a war coalition and the greatest evil practice and the present regime styling itself representing the sentiment of candlelight action should come to its sense, they stressed. 

The participants in the rally said actions are taking place in all parts of south Korea and that international solidarity actions are being held in Washington, New York, Canada, Germany and Tokyo, expressing the will to energetically struggle for independent and peaceful reunification of the country.

They chanted “Trump, do not come”, “Withdraw THAAD” and “No his speech at the national assembly” during the rally.

A resolution issued at the rally pointed out that the south Korean and U.S. authorities should stop escalation of the tension in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia by launching the large-scale war games.

South Korean people of various circles will not tolerate Trump’s threat any more, the resolution stressed.

They marched toward the U.S. embassy, chanting such slogans as “No war threat, No sale of weapons, No brigandish pressure on  trade and No Trump’s visit” and “No escalation of tension on the Korean Peninsula.”

They held a protest rally in front of the U.S. embassy and scattered over its fence literature reading “Warmonger Trump, don’t come” and “Lunatic Trump, get lost!”.

The People’s Party held a rally in front of the U.S. embassy.

Saying Trump itself is a weapon as he is making war inciting remarks, they added that they give a sharp rebuff to his junket aimed at forcing south Korea into buying the U.S.-made weaponry. 

The “youth expedition group visiting U.S. for impeachment of Trump” held the “rally for totally destroying Trump”.

They gave a performance chanting, “Behead, war lunatic Trump” and “Totally destroy Trump”

5 000 members of civic organizations held a rally against a war in Seoul on Nov. 5. 

They chanted such slogans “No war, start dialogue” and “Stop military action, start peaceful negotiation”.

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