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No War!

The south Korean authorities are purchasing and deploying war hardware against north Korea, introducing stealth fighters and “Global Hawk” from the US.

On Jan.16, the Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty Headquarters in Gwangju and the south Jeola Provincial Progressive Federation of Students had rallies in front of the US base in Gwangju to condemn the authorities’ decision of introducing war hardware from the US.

The reconnaissance planes have flew in the territorial air of the Korean Peninsula and the authorities have purchased drone “Global Hawk” and stealth fighter “F-35”. It will only push the Korean Peninsula deep into a war, they charged.

At the press conferences, the organizations denounced the US and the Defense Ministry which is the chief criminal of escalating inter-Korean confrontation and tension on the Korean Peninsula.

They demanded the authorities to suspend the acts of escalating war, to stop purchase of “Global Hawk” and “F-35”, to exile the US ambassador Harris and to stop flying of the US reconnaissance planes in territorial air of the Korean Peninsula.

On Jan. 14, twenty civic organizations called press conferences in Gwangju to protest against the authorities’ decision of dispatching the troops to the Strait of Hormuz pursuant to the US gangster-like demand.

South Korea would be involved in the vortex of war and the dispatch of the troops would deteriorate relationship with other countries, the opposition parties showed negative viewpoints.

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