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Noble Career

     It has been seventy-three years since Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese heroine, passed away.

She, taking arms in her hands, was a bodyguard who safeguarded President Kim Il Sung politically and ideologically at the risk of her life.

She had an infinite fidelity to the President.

Regarding defense of the President as her foremost mission and solemn duty, she paid a special attention to the President’s safety to perform her duty as a bodyguard at the height of the anti-Japanese armed struggle and after the country’s liberation.  

She kept the loyalty to the President as her absolute faith and made it her daily business to assist the President.

She carried out the President’s idea and intention without the slightest changes.

She took the thorny path in order to implement the President’s idea and line and did not tolerate the slightest manifestations contrary to the President’s idea.  

Her tireless effort to carry through the President’s order and her devotion to carry out the President’s line of building a new country and national reunification after the country’s liberation touch the heartstrings of all people.

South Korean personages who visited Pyongyang after the country’s liberation were greatly struck by her noble allegiance and warm personality and said there is no women for all ages and in all places like Kim Jong Suk.

The life of Kim Jong Suk who spared no efforts to support the President without rest was the noble career. Her life shows how the revolutionaries uphold their leader.

Her life was short.

However, her loyalty to the President, her effort to bring up Chairman Kim Jong Il as a prominent leader to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche and the imperishable achievements performed by her on behalf of the nation remain long.

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