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Nonsensical human rights racket

     The US and south Korean authorities are spreading groundless false materials against the DPRK on the human rights issue so as to evoke political accusation from international community.

This is nothing but a shabby trick to tarnish the image of the DPRK, the cradle of people’s happiness and to veil the serious human rights problem in south Korea.

Human rights is the sovereign rights which people should exercise in all walks of social life including politics and economy.

The DPRK provides every member of society with every right including the right to political liberty, labor and rest, and education and medical care that a social being should enjoy.

There is no country like the DPRK in which the popular policies are pursued as ever even in difficult days, the cradle of happiness has been built in the flood-hit area amid the intensified support of the state, and a timely and rightful measure for reliably guaranteeing safety and health of the people is taken thanks to the Workers’ Party of Korea regarding it as the foremost task to heal inconvenience and pain of the people.

The Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm has been built presenting a spectacular view of a vast farm area, a new Hwasong district has taken its magnificent shape, and a great number of modern village houses have sprung up like bamboo shoots after rain in all parts of the country this year alone.

This reality is indeed the proof of people-loving politics of the DPRK.

Therefore, the Korean people keenly aware that politics of the DPRK is the genuine one for the good of the people guaranteeing worthwhile and dignified life for them through their own experience of life hold the socialist system dearer than their lives.

No one has the right to criticize the people-centered human rights system of the DPRK.

On the contrary, south Korea which is under the rein of the heinous fascist group and a tiny handful of the haves is the area of the worst human rights violation as well as a hell on earth.

Yoon’s traitors should pay more attention to wretched reality of south Korean human rights before talking about the other’s human rights.

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