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North Korea advancing on might of ideology

South Korean people are greatly moved by development of north Korea progressing with invincible mettle unprecedented in history by dint of ideology.

North Korea is making a heroic advance for building a powerful nation on the strength of an indefatigable mentality that the Songun idea is applied. The fighting spirit surmounting difficulties by themselves create world-startling jump, a businessman in Seoul said.

Revolutionary songs full of optimism resound in north Korea, a critic described.  

The advance of north Korea for a new goal shows its clear ideological will to accomplish an ambition for building a thriving nation by revolutionary mode of self-reliance, and the fighting spirit of constant innovation and continued progress, the south Korean mass media including Tongil News commented.

North Korea is the only country dignified with ideological and political giant in the world. The leader, the army and the masses share the same idea and intention and it makes great strides by dint of its might. The enormous might of ideology and politics cannot be compared with economic strength or military muscle.

The self-reliance by which it makes anything if it determines, unique pluck of firm resolve and superhuman spirit of making the people strong in faith and master of creation; these are attributable the great ideology. 

It launched an artificial satellite on the strength of the ideology, a political critic wrote it in his article.  

North Korea has strove hard for prospering prospects by its own effort. It is thanks to seasoned leadership of Kim Jong Il who trained the people to be strong in faith and will, a reunification champion said.  

With the declaration of the ideology as the lifeblood of socialist construction and the theory of ideology as the political philosophy of the Workers’ Party of Korea by Kim Jong Il, the great nation strong in ideology and independent in politics was born and north Korea became an ideological and political power, remaining unfazed in the face of any pressure or threat.

His life and political creed was “The people are my God”, a motto of President Kim Il Sung, and it is the political mode of Kim Jong Ilthat he inspired the people with ideology and led them to give full play to their creativity to build a new society by showing trust and love for them, a journalist wrote in his article titled “General Secretary Kim Jong Il’s political philosophy and leadership ability.”   

“Thanks to the guidance of the Chairman who inspired the people’s inexhaustible patriotism and creativity, north Korea has laid strong foundations for building an economic power,” a unionist in Ulsan said. A professor in Busan noted that the single hearted unity around the leader, this is the powerful source of invincibility.

The south Korean people of every degree highly praise Kim Jong Un for he adds luster to undying achievements made by Kim Jong Il who had led the revolution to victory.

The pressmen and professors stated that First Chairman Kim Jong Un made clear his viewpoint to pursue Songun politics with Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the ideological foundation by clarifying the road of independence, the road of Songun, the road of socialism.

The ideology and political creed of the preceding leaders who maintained socialism and stood against Washington after the collapse of former Soviet Union are being successfully carried forward by supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

It is a unified opinion of critics at home and abroad he would enforce politics based on ideology and method of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, an internet homepage wrote.

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