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North Korea Making Rapid Progress with Youthfulness

Kim Jong Un Guides Match for Examining Men’s Football of National Sports Team
North Korea Making Rapid Progress with Youthfulness

South Korean mass media highly commend Marshal Kim Jong Un for his outstanding leadership ability, expressing their admiration at amazing reality of north Korea brimming with innovation and creation.  

The influential online papers posted about 640 photos of Kim Jong Un and 650 stories related to his revolutionary activities from January to June this year.  

The KBS of south Korea said that north Korea is widely using a new slogan the Korean speed for the building of an economic giant and introduced marvelous circumstance of north Korea that is bringing about a new heyday of construction.  

Taking notice of Kim Jong Un’s inspection of remoulded Sporting Bullet Factory and the Meari Shooting Gallery, Segye Ilbo and Tongil News commented that an up-to-date shooting gallery has been built in Pyongyang under the meticulous care of the First Chairman, shooting is popular among the people, First Chairman Kim Jong Un leads the building of a highly civilized nation in the van, north Korea directs its efforts to build cultural recreation centers for the people and north Korea makes its appearance of a cultured socialist country through the construction of world-class cultural recreation facilities.  

The mass media including Yonghap News put the accent on Kim Jong Un’s activities related to sports such as his meeting with sportspersons won in the international tournaments, his frequent watching of the training of the sports clubs and mass sports games and the 2013 Asian Cup and Interclub Junior and Senior Weightlifting Championship under the titles “Kim Jong Un watches football game with Pyongyang citizens” and “Kim Jong Un era, sports enthusiasm in north Korea”.

The south Koreans highly praise Kim Jong Un, who regards science and technology as the motive power of a building a thriving nation, for making painstaking efforts for its development.

What is conspicuous in his revolutionary activities is that he pays deep attention to the development of science and technology and does not spare investment in it, the mass media said and continued: “The major sector First Chairman Kim Jong Un puts forward is science and technology,” “North Korea strives to build a power of science and technology,” and “To be a scientist is an attractive occupation of the youth in north Korea thanks to the policy of giving priority to science.”

It is attributable to energetic field guidance of First Chairman Kim Jong Un that north Korea is vibrant with innovation, creation and youthfulness, even the conservative mass media described.

The mass media’s reverence for Kim Jong Un show the south Koreans’ conviction that led by the Marshal, north Korea would build a strongest country and people’s paradise, which the world is envious of it.
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