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Not a penny!

Over sixty political parties and organizations held a press conference to condemn the U.S. for putting pressure upon the south Korean authorities the increase of defense cost sharing in front of Cheongwadae on Mar. 17.

They denounced the U.S. which intends to enforce five billion US$ of defense expenses with livelihood of south Korean employees serving in the US military bases as a bait and expressed their stand that the south Korean authorities should not accept gangster-like demand of the U.S.

They described the U.S. as the occupation army of the 21st century, the government-general and gangster.

It is not the defense cost sharing but the expenses for stationing in south Korea. The U.S. army is forcing the south Korean authorities the hike of expenses with wages of the south Korean employee in the US military bases as a bait. It is just something like only gangster can do. We cannot pay even a penny to the U.S. The U.S. force in south Korea leave south Korea. We will make a vigorous struggle until the U.S. army is withdrawn from south Korea, the vice chairman in the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions said.

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