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On the occasion of the Day of the Sun

The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front sent a congratulatory letter to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on April 15 to mark the Day of the Sun.

The congratulatory letter titled “To the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the peerlessly great man born of Heaven and patriot” said that in the morning of the Day of the Sun the AINDF pays the highest tribute to President Kim Il Sung, the eternal sun of Juche, in reflection of the unanimous desire of the south Koreans and offers the greatest glory and warmest congratulations to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the peerlessly great man born of Heaven and the symbol of Juche Korea’s mightiness.

The birthday of the President was the great auspicious event for the Korean nation which put an end to its distress-torn history stained with flunkeyism and disgrace and signaled the beginning of new Korea and was the event of worldwide significance heralding the dawn of the age of mankind independence.

With his birthday, the spring of national resurrection had come and the era of independence started in which the Korean people who had been subjected to ill-treatment and oppression became the masters of their destiny and the country.

The President, with clear insight into the requirement of the age and people’s intentions in his teens, propounded the Juche idea holding the highest and the most brilliant position in the human history of thinking, clearly indicated the most correct way to be followed by the Korean nation and humanity and defeated the US and Japan, two formidable imperialist enemies, in one generation with his original war methods, strategy and tactics.

The President, regarding the people are my God as his lifelong motto, founded the Workers’ Party of Korea as the motherly party, set up the government and founded the Korean People’s Army serving the people. He had built a socialist power that is independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in defense, evoking the world admiration.

The President, taking to heart more than anyone else the tragedy of national division, singled out Korea’s reunification as the supreme task of the nation to put forward the most fair and aboveboard reunification formula such as the three principles of national reunification, the 10-point program for the great unity of the whole nation and the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo. He led the Korean people in their efforts to achieve the movement for independent reunification to lay a solid groundwork for the country’s reunification.

The President, an elder statesman of the world politics, gave a strong impetus to the human cause of independence with his steadfast political creed and energetic external activities and held all the people to his broad bosom out of boundless generosity and magnanimity, enjoying boundless reverence of all peoples.

The President, who penetrated the prospects of the nation and the protractedness of the revolution with his far-sighted acumen, gave perfect solution to the issue of succession to the revolutionary cause of Juche to provide a sure guarantee for happiness and prosperity of the nation.

His imperishable achievements performed on behalf of the nation, era and history for over eighty years in the 20th century will be glorified for all ages along with the victorious advance of Juche Korea.

The revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered from Mt. Paektu had been carried forward by Chairman Kim Jong Il, the illustrious commander born of Mt. Paektu. Now it enjoys the greatest heyday of it under the judicious leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, another great person born of Heaven, the congratulatory letter continued.

Kim Jong Un, regarding completion of the cause of the preceding leaders as his lifelong mission, has led Juche Korea, which is associated with the whole life and motto of the President, to victory and prosperity.

He perfectly realized the cause of perpetuating the memory of the preceding leaders with his noble loyalty and moral obligation and made sure that a steady continuity was given to the history of the sun by defining the revolutionary ideologies of the President and the Chairman as Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, the great revolutionary idea that reached the acme in the history of human thoughts.

Under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un, possessed of rare wisdom, scientific insight, inflexible faith and will and warm love for his people, the DPRK has demonstrated its dignity and national power throughout the world and laid a robust foundation for rosy future of the country for over ten years.

The facts of legalization of state policy on the nuclear force, rapid development of the national defense industry and successive birth of Juche-based weaponry which displayed its inexhaustible strength before the world: These are precious fruition of bold decision, adamant will, outstanding leadership and unbounded devotion of Kim Jong Un who carries out desires of the preceding leaders without an inch of deflection.

Thanks to energetic leadership and politics for the people of Kim Jong Un, monumental projects reflecting the people-first principle have been built and high civilization and happiness are being witnessed across the DPRK envied by the south Koreans and world people.

He, the ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander and a great master of independent politics, put the US and its followers on the defensive with his toughest stand and immediate countermeasures. He has demonstrated the national prestige of the DPRK throughout the world by steering international political trend to independence and justice.

Kim Jong Un, who leads the Juche revolution to triumph true to intentions of the preceding leaders and makes every endeavor to bring happiness and prosperity of the sun’s nation and sun’s Korea, is the greatest man and the sun of the 21st century.

The south Korean people have kept the truth that the dignity of a nation is displayed only when a nation is led by a prominent leader through the image of Kim Jong Un. They renewed their determination to accelerate the victorious advance of the cause of national independence under the guidance of Kim Jong Un.

Led by Kim Jong Un, April jubilee is everlasting and the future of Juche Korea is rosy, the congratulatory letter said. The south Korean vanguard fighters and people sincerely wish good health of Kim Jong Un, the sun of the nation and the symbol of all victories and glory, for the prosperity of Kim Il Sung‘s and Kim Jong Il‘s Korea and for the day when the whole Korean nation enjoys happiness and comfort to posterity.

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