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Only Victory and Glory Will Be in Store for Us Who are Advancing under the Unfurled Flag Bearing the Immortal Beaming Images of the Great Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

 Kim Jong Un

Only Victory and Glory Will Be in Store for Us Who are Advancing under the Unfurled Flag
Bearing the Immortal Beaming Images of the Great Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

Speech Delivered at the Banquet Held in Celebration of August 25
August 25, Juche 101 (2012)

Commanders of the combined units of the People’s Army that are reliably defending the outpost of the country on the eastern sector of its front and other commanding personnel, 

Today we celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the start of Songun-based revolutionary leadership by Generalissimo Kim Jong Il

As I greet the day in the first year after his passing, I miss the General all the more and feel my eyes wet with tears to look back on the great pains he took for the country and people holding aloft the banner of Songun throughout his life. 

Burning his heart with the will of love for the country and people under the banner of Songun, he provided invincible military capabilities and the strength of single-hearted unity between the army and people, which the whole world is envious of, and thus raised the dignity of the country and people to the highest plane in the history of the nation. His achievements will shine for ever. 

Availing myself of this meaningful occasion and reflecting the unanimous wish of all the service personnel and people, I extend the noblest respect and eternal glory to the great Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, who dedicated his all to the Songun-based leadership with love for the country and people, burning his heart with passion and affection all his life. 


Greeting this day on the front, when the enemy is staging under our very eyes aggressive war exercises reeking of powder, I am now here with my comrades-in-arms in the eastern sector of the front. 

August 25, together with April 25, is a day that is etched in the history of building up our revolutionary armed forces, as well as in the history of our country. 

Associated with this day is the strength of our People’s Army, which takes pride in being a powerful revolutionary Paektusan army, and the image of our country, which has emerged as a world-class military giant and dignified nuclear state. 

It is the unshakable determination and will of our Party to defend the security of the country and the gains of the revolution and build on this land a reunified and thriving country, grasping more firmly the arms of Songun Generalissimo Kim Jong Ilprovided with much effort through his lifelong Songun-based revolutionary leadership. 

At this moment, the United States and its puppet army of south Korea, together with their vassal forces, are staging large-scale aggressive war exercises targeted on us, thus seriously threatening our security. 

While inspecting the army units at the outposts of the southwestern sector of the front, I have already issued to the entire army the order to keep a sharp watch on the enemy’s reckless moves and, should they throw even one spark on our holy territory or territorial waters, immediately deal an annihilating counterblow and rise up as one to switch over to an all-round counterattack for achieving the great cause of national reunification, reviewed the corresponding operations plan and written down my final signature on it. 

Right at this moment, the brave service personnel of the People’s Army have taken up combat positions at my order to cope with the reckless war manoeuvres by the United States and its south Korean puppets, waiting for an order for final charge to fight a life-and-death fight against the enemy. 

There is a limit to our tolerance. 

Counter provocations with an immediate counteroffensive, and an aggressive war with a war of justice for the country’s reunification–this is our principled stand and unshakable will. 

We will never remain onlookers to the enemy’s desperate moves for aggression; we will do all we can to defend the destiny of the country and nation. 

It is a truth confirmed by history that nobody in the world can check the advance of a people who have turned out for their cause of justice. 

If another undesirable war breaks out on this land as a consequence of the unpardonable actions of the United States and its south Korean puppets, they will sustain an ignominious defeat in the war and our great nation will greet a bright dawn of their reunification. 

Only victory and glory will be in store for us who are advancing under the unfurled flag bearing the immortal beaming images of the great Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
Today, availing myself of this meaningful occasion, I reaffirm my determination to invariably follow the road of Songun for our motherland and revolution, the road travelled by General Kim Jong Il, arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder with you, my comrades. 

Comrades, let us be confident of victory. 

A brilliant future lies before our people.
Let us hold the arms of revolution more firmly to defend the happiness and security of the people and the dignity of our great Paektusan nation.
To the final victory of the Juche revolutionary cause, the Songun revolutionary cause, pioneered and led successfully by the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sungand Kim Jong Il,
To the good health of the commanders of combined units and other commanding personnel present here and all other soldiers of the People’s Army, and
To the victorious advance of the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army,

I propose this toast.

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    You have Otto's blood on your hands.
    Karma is a reality.

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