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Open-air Ice Rink Brimming with Optimism

Among numerous bases for cultural and leisure activities built along the Taedong River that meanders through Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK, is the People’s Open-air Ice Rink boasting its unique architectural beauty.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who always showed concern for providing his people with happy and cultured living conditions, gave on-spot guidance to the construction project on three occasions. Under his meticulous care the ice rink was built magnificently and inaugurated in November 2012.

The open-air ice rink that operates for all seasons has an oval-shaped skating ground with an area of 1 800 square metres, skate-lending counter, rooms for waiting and rest, clinic, broadcasting room and others.

People, though they are complete novices in skating, can learn elementary gliding and other skills in a short time with the assistance of the instructors.

The open-air ice rink is always crowded by citizens, young and old, all the year round, and in winter it is bursting with people every day.

According to instructors, the activity of skating involves the exercise of the whole body, and skating regularly is very effective in strengthening the heart, lung and other organs. The sport is especially good for young people to build sound body.

It has been so far visited by millions of people in total.

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