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Opening of meeting for the struggle of the south Korean people

 Some days ago, the People’s Action composed of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Solidarity for Progress held meeting for the massive turnout of the people in Seoul.

The participants denounced the present south Korean authorities and political circles that they drive the south Korean people including the laborers, peasants, the poor and small-scale merchants to the verge of bankruptcy.

“Let’s make law and regulation which ensure the south Korean people the right to live in any circumstances by our own efforts”, “Let’s eradicate inequalities. Let’s put an end to two-party system. Let’s achieve independent and equal society” they noted.

The People’s Action issued written request containing abolition of part-time job, enactment of anti-sex-inequality and abrogation of the security law after declaration of inaugural ceremony on the day.

Meanwhile, Seoul municipal authorities and the police try to suppress the meeting.

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