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Outcry of public opinion

      Lately, south Korean media have a field day over north Korea’s promulgation of the law on the policy of the nuclear forces.

North Korea drew the line of no retreat to admit no compromise on the nuclear issue; north Korea’s position as a nuclear weapons state is irreversible; It is doubtful that denuclearization of north Korea touted by the south Korean and the US authorities is right; the “bold initiative” proposed by the south Korean authorities will come to naught, the south Korean mass media including Yonhap News TV pointed out.

Because north Korea specified its nuclear strategy to make it possible for it to launch preemptive nuclear attack in the law, the possibility of using nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out in case of occurrence of a military collision; the south Korean authorities and the US get vocal about overwhelming and decisive counterattack on nuclear attack of north Korea, but they are at a loss what to do, lots of experts criticize. 

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