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Painful Outcries

Members of civic organizations called a press conference on May 14 in Gwangju to strongly reprimand the Liberty Korea Party which puts brake to investigation into those responsible for massacre of the Gwangju uprising and interrupts the institution of a “law on punishment of those distorting the history of the May 18 popular uprising”. 

On the same day, a civic organization held a news conference at which it said that the LKP is extolling the despotic era of Chun Doo-hwan to the skies and degrading the Gwangju uprising as a “riot” and men of merit as a “monster”. Such undemocratic and outdated party should be dismantled, it contended.  

The Youth Solidarity issued a statement on May 18 to open an era of peace, prosperity and reunification in the Korean Peninsula by inheriting the spirit of the May 18 popular resistance. 

The LKP, a descendant of the Gwangju uprising, is distorting the history of the uprising, unsettled history repeats itself, punish the Chun Doo-hwan clique and the US, the mastermind of it and the LKP and conservative forces, descendants of manslaughter, they stressed.    

On May 17, a pan-national meeting took place in Gwangju with attendance of 10 000 people of various circles.  

A resolution demanding the investigation into the uprising, the institution of a “law on punishment of those distorting the history of the May 18 popular uprising” and retirement of lawmakers who distorted the fact of uprising was adopted at the meeting, 

On the same day and at the same place, a workers’ rally was held. 

The manslaughterers, who have lived in clover, should be punished by the history and people; they noted and called for the people to make clear the truth about the uprising and punish those responsible for it before the 40th anniversary of the uprising.      
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