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Park Geun-hye, Step Down!

 The action of south Korean people of every degree against the misgovernment of the south Korean authorities is getting fiercer.

The second all-out people’s action was held in Seoul on December 5 in the wake of the first all-out people’s action had been held on November 14.

Presented there were 50 000 people across south Korea including workers, peasants, youth and students, citizens and religious men.

They wished quick recovery of Baek Nam-ki, a peasant who fell into a critical condition by the water cannon of the riot police in the last action and demanded harsh suppression of the police, check of labor reform and opposition to the “government-censored system of history textbook”.

Through his speech the Chairman of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, who is in hiding at the Chogye Order from the police suppression, said that hundreds of people are being arrested, wanted and summoned to the court, the case in the military dictatorship is reproducing, the Nov. 14 action is the most righteous one, we would be suppressed in a certain time but the repressive dictatorial regime would not hinder our action.   

At the time, an organization composed of the workers, peasants, the poor and civilians declared that it would launch the third all-out people’s action on Dec. 19.

It demanded the resignation of the Park regime, suspension of labor reform, opposition to import of foreign made rice, creation of employment of the youth, discontinuance of withdrawal of street vendors, and railroading of “state censorship of history textbook” for middle and high schools.

What is conspicuous in the rally is that the participants put on masks instead of veil to protest against the bill on prohibition of using veil proposed by the ruling party and Park Geun-hye’s description about the participants as “IS”.

Twenty-four political figures including the opposition parties took part in the rally to march through the street.

After the rally, the participants marched down to the Hospital of Seoul National University where Baek is in the hospital.

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