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Parka symbolic of the Songun-based revolution

Chairman Kim Jong Il provides field guidance to the Huichon Ryonha General Machinery Plant

Parka symbolic of the Songun-based revolution

The Korean people feel an irresistible yearning for Chairman Kim Jong Il after they read Marshal Kim Jong Un’s work Let Us Step up the Building of a Thriving Country by Applying Kim Jong Il’s Patriotism.

The dear respected Kim Jong Un said:
 The only parka he wore from days of the “Arduous March” to the last days of his life is vivid evidence showing what a thorny path he had to traverse with patriotic devotion to defend his socialist country.

Kim Jong Il, wearing his parka, safeguarded his country and the revolution and laid a strong foundation for building a prosperous nation for over a decade.  

One year, looking back on the days of the trying ordeals with deep emotion, he touched on the parka he was wearing. He said that he wore it at the onset of the “Arduous March” after President Kim Il Sung had passed away, and that he kept wearing it because he could not forget the trials. He continued earnestly that the parka was symbolic of the Songun-based revolution.   

His parka tells devotion of Kim Jong Il, having some roasted potatoes at bonfire on his way to field guidance, to national prosperity.   

I inspect the military units and all fronts of the economy including factories and farms not for honor or the appreciation by the public. As a soldier of the President, I devote my heart and soul to the country, the revolution, the army and people true to the President’s last instructions, he once said to his officials.      

Words cannot describe great dedication of Kim Jong Il, who continued his field guidance rain or shine, regarding his sedan as office, to his country, the revolution and people.  
Kim Jong Il’s parka will remain witness to his ardent devotion, pains and achievements that he sacrificed his all for the country and people. 

Keeping his parka along with Kim Jong Il’s patriotism in their minds, the Korean army and people display patriotism in building of a socialist thriving nation under the wise leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un. 

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