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Participating in multinational combined anti-submarine drill

On Jan. 20, an official of the south Korean navy expressed that its navy is participating in the US-led multinational combined anti-submarine drill “Sea Dragon 2020” in Guam from Jan. 20 to 31 for the first time.

The US-led “Sea Dragon” is aimed to detect and attack the enemy submarines and it has been conducted on the sea off Guam annually.

 The south Korean navy’s participation in the drill is very dangerous military provocation that would exacerbate the situation in the region.

The south Korean authorities have disturbed peace of the Korean Peninsula, while paying lip-service to peace. This is the double-dealing behavior of the south Korean authorities.

It is intolerable that the south Korean authorities conducted war exercises with different missions with the US in last year.

The south Korean military authorities’ participation in the war game and its decision of dispatch troops to the Strait of Hormuz would only reveal the miserable plight of minion and spark off negative backlash of the south Korean people.

It is quite natural that the south Korean people from all walks of life have waged a vigorous struggle for peace against war, censuring the south Korean authorities’ military provocation.

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