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Party in new century of Juche era

DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un
Party in new century of Juche era

On April 11, 2012, the Fourth Conference of the Workers’ Party of Korea decided to venerate Kim Jong Il as eternal General Secretary of the WPK and elected Kim Jong Un as the top post of the WPK.

The stirring event that took place when a new century of the Juche era began was a landmark in the history of the WPK.

Through the conference the WPK has laid the eternal foundation for adding brilliance to the undying exploits Kim Jong Il had performed in the party building for all ages.

The long history of his leadership of the WPK in the new era of the Juche revolution, the Songun era, is the glorious years during which he won brilliant victory in the defense of socialism in the face of the worst adversity and ushered in an age of epochal changes and prosperity by building up the WPK into the eternal party of Kim Il Sung and the powerful guiding force of the Songun revolution.     

Over the past decades he elucidated issues related to organizational and ideological building and art of leadership of the Party in a comprehensive way under the banner of modeling the entire Party on Kimilsungism and thoroughly applied them to party building and activities with superb intelligence and extraordinary leadership ability.

He established Songun politics as the mode of leadership of the WPK in line with the requirements of the revolutionary practice in which the face-off with imperialism is being staged, and developed the WPK into the general staff of the Songun revolution.

He ensured that the party work was oriented towards implementing the Songun-based revolutionary line, with the result that the Korean People’s Army has become the driving force of the revolution that supports the party’s ideological and cause in the van and the country’s defense capabilities have boosted remarkably.

Thanks to his energetic guidance, the WPK demonstrated its dignity as a militant party in which a firm monolithic ideological and leadership system has been established and which is strong in a sense of organization and discipline and an invincible party which struck its root deep into the masses of people and formed a harmonious whole with them.

His ideas and cause of Juche-oriented party building are successfully carried forward by supreme leader Kim Jong Unin a new century of the Juche era.

He wrote a new chapter in implementing the cause of immortalizing the leader to make the revolutionary life and exploits of Kim Jong Il shine for all ages and develop the WPK into the glorious party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il by venerating Kim Jong Il as eternal General Secretary. 

In his work Let Brilliantly Accomplish the Revolutionary Cause of Juche, Holding the Great Comrade Kim Jong Il in High Esteem as the Eternal General Secretary of Our Party, he declared Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the eternal guiding ideology of the Party and set it as its top program to imbue the whole of society with Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

He has made the single-minded unity of the WPK invincible unity that is based on the view on comrade and comrade-in-arms and ensured that the party works on the principle of giving top priority to the demand and interests of the people.

Under his leadership the WPK has enhanced its prestige and might remarkably and is winning increasing popularity among the people.

The WPK led by Kim Jong Un will surely win the final victory in the Songun revolutionary cause by dynamically pushing the building of a thriving nation on the basis of Kim Jong Il’s patriotism.

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