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Peace meeting held

 Members of 20 odd civic organizations held a peace meeting to issue a statement in denunciation of the sanction against the north, additional deployment of THAAD and reckless remark of preemptive strike, which can cause “the 2nd Korean war” on February 23.

“Unification bridge” across the Imjin River near Panmunjom serves as a military facility and a checkpoint so civilians are strictly restricted in their actions, this is not a national bridge connected with independent and peaceful reunification, but an anti-reunification bridge that no one can cross over on, a chairman of this meeting gave vent to his feeling of bitterness.

A personage made a firm pledge to reunite the Korean peninsula before the uncrossable anti-reunification bridge.


Poster denouncing preemptive strike and THAAD deployment


In demand of peace against war

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