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Peace meeting in memory of two schoolgirls

 A peace meeting was held to demand improvement of unequal south Korea-US relationship on the 20th anniversary of two schoolgirls who were killed by the US armored vehicle.

A few days ago, the Promotion Committee for June 11 Peace Meeting of 20th Anniversary of Two Schoolgirls expressed that it plans to hold peace meeting to respect two girls’ memory near the Seoul municipal office on the 11th of June to urge the south Korean authorities to reestablish the south Korea-US bond.

Veterans of civil organizations,  more than 50 religions and  personages are involved in committee which was inaugurated on May.

They set inheritance of candlelight resistance, reestablishment of imbalanced south Korea-US ties and opposition to military bases of the US troops in south Korea as their slogans of the meeting.

The lopsided south Korea-US relationship must be reestablished as it is incapable of exercising sovereignty of environment, health and judicature on the south Korea-US alliance and the US forces in south Korea. We should know the truth of policy of the alliance which pursues hegemonic policy of the US, trample down the sovereignty and disturb peace, they denounced.
     Let’s pool our efforts for the realization of the sovereignty and peace, they appealed.


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