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Peace through struggle

     The situation of the Korean Peninsula is turning sour again owing to the Yoon Suk-yeol regime which has offered backing to the US ambition for the world hegemony.

The south Korean Ministry of Defense bends itself to educate soldiers that north Korea is the “principal enemy”, reinforce Kill Chain for preemptive strike on north Korea and its military strength. Meanwhile, it is getting hell-bent on the moves to conduct south Korea-US joint military exercises and field drills.

It is going to build a comprehensive training ground by making a special law for living fire drill of the USFK and normalize south Korea-Japan defense cooperation by resuming high-ranking military exchange and regular meeting with Japan that has been postponed from 2018. The Yoon regime escalates the military tension in the Korean Peninsula, clean indifferent to peace. It discharges its duty of an advance guard point by reinforcing military muscle and tightening south Korea-US alliance rather than peace of the Korean Peninsula.    

A large-scale south Korea-US joint military exercise Ulchi Freedom Shield is scheduled on August 22.

The joint military exercise is the war game in simulation of preemptive attack and an all-out war against north Korea. It is a risky hostility which may lead to armed clash and nuclear war.

The public desire is inter-Korean reconciliation and peace of the Korean Peninsula not military cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan or revival of the cold war.  

Peace and stability never come of itself.

Peace and stability would never be settled in the peninsula without liquidation of US imperialism and the Yoon clique.

Only when the south Korean people wage a fierce candlelight resistance, can peace be preserved.  

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