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Peerless Patriot

Kim Jong Il, eternal General Secretary of the WPK and
Chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission

Peerless Patriot

The service personnel and people of the DPRK greet the 72nd anniversary of the birth of Kim Jong Il (February 16) with ever-growing yearning and reverence for him.

Since February 16, 1942, when he was born on Mt. Paektu as the Shining Star, the Korean people have taken an optimistic view of the everlasting bright future, being blessed by great leaders and Generals generation after generation.

Kim Jong Il was born on Mt. Paektu, a sacred mountain of the revolution, and grew up, cultivating the spirit of loving his country and nation. Endowed with ardent love for his country and people, he devoted his whole life to the building of a prosperous and powerful nation.  

Having declared in the 1960s his great ambition and determination to add glory to Korea, he led the Workers’ Party of Korea and the DPRK with far-sighted wisdom, unexcelled leadership and great executive ability, accomplishing the immortal feats.

Through energetic ideological and theoretical activities, he illumined the way ahead of the Korean revolution and the cause of independence of mankind and brought about epoch-making changes never seen in the 5 000-year history of the Korean nation in all the political, military, economic and cultural fields.  

Thanks to the outstanding revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il who administered Songun politics in an all-round way as demanded by the prevailing situation and developing revolution, Korea, which had been deprived of the national rights a century ago because of its weak military clout, could develop into an invincible military power in the world and always emerge victorious in the fierce struggle to safeguard socialism. 

Many monumental structures mushroomed across the country for the prosperity of the country and well-being of the people. The country embarked on the road to build a thriving nation. 

In the vigorous drive to introduce CNC technology into industry and build the country into a knowledge-based economic giant, factories and enterprises were renovated, cooperative fields transformed beyond recognition, gravitational waterways and monumental structures built everywhere across the country. They were the fruition of a firm resolve and will of Kim Jong Il to demonstrate the might of Kim Il Sung’s Korea to the world.

The Korean army and people never forget the forced march he made for on-site guidance, rain or shine, day and night.

Through the long period of his arduous revolutionary struggle Kim Jong Il only thought of the revolution, experiencing all hardships as a revolutionary and as a human being, and lived passionately for the sake of his beloved country and people.

He made painstaking efforts to achieve the country’s reunification and global independence. While leading the trend of the situation on the Korean Peninsula and world politics, he rendered distinguished services in accomplishing the cause of national reunification and safeguarding peace and security in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Indeed, Chairman Kim Jong Il was a peerless patriot who devoted his whole life to achieving the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people, thus performing imperishable exploits that are etched in the history of the country.

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