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Peerless Patriot

Korea’s liberation from Japanese military rule by President Kim Il Sungwas a historic event that brought about a radical turn in carving out the destiny of the country and nation.

President Kim Il Sung defeated one million-strong Japanese army, styling itself the leader of Asia, with his elusive tactics and the art of leadership to achieve the historic cause of national liberation.

Thanks to the President, who wrote rigorous anti-Japanese revolutionary history and left bloody traces in every range and stream of Mt Paektu and the River Amnok, the history of national tribulation was terminated and the Korean people were free from sorrow of statelessness.

The whole country was reverberated with the hurrah for General Kim Il Sungand the Korean nation shed tears of gratitude to the President, the benefactor of national liberation. 

The President, who built a genuine country for the people in north Korea after the country’s liberation, led three year-long Fatherland Liberation War to victory and turned the DPRK into a socialist country that is independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in defense

Taking to heart more than anyone else the tragedy of territorial and national division, the President set national reunification as the supreme task of the nation and dedicated himself to its realization, thus laying a solid foundation for great national unity and the movement for independent reunification.  

President Kim Il Sung is a hero of all time who led bloody war against Japan to achieve the historic cause of national liberation and peerless great man who provided an eternal foundation for building of a thriving nation and prosperity of the posterity.

The imperishable achievements of the President, who dedicated his all to liberation, reunification and prosperity of the nation, will shine long generation after generation.   

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