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People’s conveniences foremost concern

Kim Jong Un provides field guidance to construction of Changjon Street nearing completion
People’s conveniences foremost concern

To give precedence to convenience over aestheticsㅡthis is a principle of construction in the DPRK where cultural and other service facilities spring up in great number. 

During his on-the-spot guidance in Changjon Street which was nearing completion last year supreme leader Kim Jong Un dropped in at a uniquely built restaurant. He examined a chair as he sat on it and said it was essential to strictly maintain the principle of giving precedence to convenience over aesthetics in designing and manufacturing furniture so that the goods are convenient for the people to use and appealing to the eyes. He gave thought to how to provide more convenience and safety for the people while inspecting every detail of the restaurant including the balustrade and baluster of the staircase, wall decoration and overhead lighting. 

Wherever he went and whatever he did public convenience was always his priority. Looking round the Rungna People’s Amusement Park which was under construction on the banks of the Taedong River last year, he told officials to lay a pathway between the two sections of the park for the convenience of merrymakers. At the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory which was rebuilt for capacity expansion he showed close concern for the quality of goods. He stretched a sock and said the clothing of such quality would not slip. On a visit to a newly built children’s department store he thought about children’s convenience before the display of goods as he saw balls hanging at the wall of a counter and said they should be put in something like basket to serve the convenience of buyers. 

The supreme leader is just identical in every aspect with Chairman Kim Jong Il who had dedicated his whole life to the good of the people. 

He placed the people above anything else in his leadership, saying it is his firm determination to provide them with a happy life true to the intention of the Chairman. 

He made sure that officials adopted it as their primary principle in all work to regard the people’s interests as their top priority and absolute, urging them to make strenuous efforts for the people. He ensured that the Korean People’s Army, the main force of the Songun-based revolution, spearheaded the campaign for implementing the intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea to make the people enjoy all benefits of socialism and provided field guidance irrespective of biting midwinter cold and boiling midsummer heat to give instructions in detail. 

That is why the Korean people faithfully follow him, praising him as their leader and father.

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