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Personality of Kim Il Sung as Great Man

President Kim Il Sung receives Cambodian Great King Norodom Sihanouk
Personality of Kim Il Sung as Great Man
President Kim Il Sung was the greatest man in idea, leadership, feats and traits.

The President was an outstanding great man who led the Korean revolution to victory with his unshakable faith, iron will and warm love for a long period from his teenage to the advanced age of eighty.

He crossed the Amnok River at the young age of thirteen, pledging himself not to come back home till he achieves the liberation of Korea. The banner held aloft by him at the beginning of the Korean revolution was the red flag of Juche implying that man is responsible for his destiny and the maxim he cherished all his life is the idea of believing in the people as in Heaven.

The President stood in the van of the struggle to explore the road of the Korean revolution beset with trials at its every phase, keenly aware of his noble mission and high responsibility for it, with rare self-sacrificing spirit and extraordinary enthusiasm.

He overcame all difficulties, adversities, sorrow and pain for the victory of the revolution, prosperity of the country and happiness of its people.

He was a great revolutionary who devoted everything to the victory of the revolution.

He brought a new peak to the development of the Korean revolution in the anti-Japanese war, braving through manifold crisis and even went the front line to show his ever-victorious stratagem in the Korean War. He visited demolished factories and the countryside without a moment’s respite to build an independent, self-supporting and self-defensive socialist state.  

Revolution means comrades and there is nothing to fear, if there are comrades. This was his firm creed. He always showed thought for his comrades and looked after their life. 

The President was a peerlessly great man and the greatest saint who enjoyed boundless respect and praise not only from the Korean people but from the progressives of the world for his noble personality and virtues.

As to the President people are his mentor and he found himself among the people, regarding it as the happiest time. He said that he is fond of reading and he likes mixing with the people and sharing their company when he had an interview with a foreign journalist delegation.

President Kim Il Sung never allowed preferential treatment in the days of the anti-Japanese war, building a new country and socialist construction. He led a frugal life as like the people, saying the commander is also a son of the people, when the people eat boiled millet he should also take boiled millet and chopping firewood and drawing water from a well. 

Fascinated by personality and high morality of the President, heads of state, prominent figures from the political, social and academic circles and ordinary people from foreign countries, who had the honor of meeting the President, highly eulogized him in one voice as a great teacher and a peerless great man.  

Jimmy Carter, former US president, after he met President Kim Il Sung, said that President Kim Il Sung was as great as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, who represented the founding and destiny of the US, all combined. 

His personality and virtues were always noble as they were based on the noblest outlook on the people and, accordingly, he enjoyed absolute support and trust from the people all his life.

Under the leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un, who is identical to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Ilin idea, leadership art and personality, Korean-style socialism would win victory after another and the DPRK army and people would surely build a prosperous socialist nation. 
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