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Photo Session with Participants in Ninth Congress of KCU

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, the great Sun of socialist Korea and benevolent father of the large harmonious family, had a photo session with the participants in the Ninth Congress of the Korean Children’s Union on New Year’s Day in 2023.

The schoolchildren were filled with great happiness as they would pose for their pictures of glory with the fatherly Marshal, which they wanted in dreams, on the hopeful New Year’s Day. Previously he showed another great affection of making sure that the grand gathering of the beloved Children’s Union members was held under the care and blessing of the whole country, regarding it as an important affair of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state.

When he arrived at the venue for the photo session amid the playing of the welcome music, all the participants raised passionate cheers, looking up to the Marshal who is bringing up the Children’s Union members with his warm feelings, regarding them as the priceless assets of the country and the whole of its hope and future.

Delegates of the KCU put a red neckerchief around his neck and presented a fragrant bouquet to him, reflecting the boundless gratitude and best wishes of the schoolchildren across the country in the New Year.

Acknowledging the enthusiastic cheers, he warmly congratulated the delegates of the Children’s Union who significantly greeted the New Year after powerfully demonstrating once again the viable spirit of the Korean children who are stoutly carrying forward the brilliant history and tradition of the Juche-oriented children’s movement and the red bloodline of revolution through the Ninth Congress of the KCU.

Saying that it is a great source of strength and pleasure for the Party, state and people advancing, convinced of the validity of the sacred cause for the future, to spend the first day of the New Year for the country’s prosperity, hearing the bright laughter and bold footsteps of the KCU members, he added that the prospect of the Juche cause and the future of socialist Korea are rosy as there are the three million KCU members, excellent successors to the revolution.

Hoping that the KCU members across the country would more stoutly grow up in good health to be competent talents, knowledgeable, virtuous and healthy, for the future of the country, he had a photo session with the participants.

After the photo session, the participants shouted at the top of their voice “Hurrah!” looking up to the Marshal.

He blessed the bright future of all the KCU members, waving his hands to the delegates for a long time.

The delegates of the KCU who received the boundless happiness made a firm pledge to always prepare themselves as the reliable successors to the revolution and pillars in the building of a powerful nation for the prosperity of the socialist country.

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