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Plan fueling war

     The south Korean military is going to make public “2023-2027 national defense medium-range plan” in December.

The plan is the one of preparation for war to aggravate the situation of the Korean Peninsula.

The military is going to bring “national defense innovation 4.0” to completion and devise the national defense medium-range plan based on it and open to the public.

The “national defense innovation 4.0” is aimed at reinforcement to cope with north Korea’s nuke and missile threat. In other word, it is establishment of 3k of south Korean style.

The “3k of south Korean style” is aimed at removing the source of “north Korea’s nuke and missile threat” and beefing up high-intensity and precision strike at the north Korean leadership. It only sparks the anger of south Koreans.

The Yoon Suk-yeol regime, which defined north Korea as the “chief enemy” and talked about “preemptive strike” at north Korea, has made frantic effort to its realization in conspiracy with the US.   

The “national defense medium-range plan” specifies the expenses for south Korea-US joint military games and purchase of the US-made lethal weapons.

The “national defense medium-range plan”, which is being pushed ahead by the Yoon clique, is a manifestation of its hideous move to unleash a war against north Korea. The current situation shows that the plan is the anti-popular plan which fattens the interests of the US regardless of the people’s wellbeing and invites the danger of war with expansion of armaments.

“Yoon, who is ignorant of the military affairs, seems to make up his mind to plunge the people into a nuclear war” and “we are fearful of a war that may be broken out in the days of Yoon”, the south Korean people from all social strata said.  


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