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Policy of the US toward the north must be changed!

 The voices demanding change of policy of the US toward the north ring out more loudly at home and abroad.

The US government has to make strenuous efforts for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, an imagination has not been seen in its solution until now, I am not satisfied with its state, the former US Ambassador to Korea censured the other day.

Owing to the US, the nuclear issue of the north has not been solved for more than 30 years and has become more difficult and manifold as times go by, new administration, too, remains utterly unchanged in attitude toward the north, it is important for the US to have new attitude toward the north in order to solve the nuclear issue, a former high officer of foreign affairs said.

Former high-ranking officials of the US and south Korea, and experts in the north Korean issue demand that the US must withdraw its failed hostile policy toward the north and establish the basis of confidence in each other to break the deadlock between the north and the US while paying attention to the north’s demand of withdrawal of hostile policy and double-dealing attitude.

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