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Political strife over relations with China

In south Korea, the ins and the outs are exchanging hot words with each other over the issue of visit of the members of the National Assembly belonging to the Minjoo Party of Korea to China due to the remarks of the Chinese Ambassador to south Korea.

The People’s Power Party sharply denounced that the democratic congressmen set off on a visit to China in rows, heedless of national sentiment wounded by the Chinese Ambassador’s intervention in domestic affairs at a meeting sponsored by the National Assembly on June 16.

The democratic congressmen’s junket to China is the one in support of China’s diplomatic stratagem for undermining the south Korea-US nexus, not to mention that they are implicated in China’s trick to alienate the south Korean political parties which are pitted against each other, without even a word of complaint against China’s interference in internal affairs, this is but humiliating diplomacy of Lee Jae-myeong, secretary general of the PPP raised his voice.

There is a case for everyone either to invite or to be invited, it is a clotted nonsense to insult the opposition party that they taunt this for being a humiliating diplomacy, the Minjoo Party of Korea made a cutting retort.

Lack of understanding of the PPP that a tour at the invitation of the Chinese government is to sell off the country and one at the invitation of the US government is to enhance national prestige bred discord between south Korea and China, it censured.

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