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Positive action against Yun Seok-yol

 The progressive organizations stage activities to rouse broad spectrum of the people to anti-Yun-Seok-yol struggle.

The Korean Confederation of the Trade Union held a meeting in Seoul the other day and strongly denounced Yun and his party showing his pro-plutocratic character and his attempt to put pressure upon workers.

Yun had said something like “strictly punish the KCTU enjoying an extraterritorial privilege” and “thoroughly investigate the unlawful rally and take legal action”.

Saying that the  5 years by Yun will become hellish, under the uplifted slogans of “guarantee of the equal right to work”, “guarantee of stable employment” and “guarantee of regular occupation”, the KCTU made a decision to open a laborer meeting for succession of Cheju popular uprising spirit, a rally for acquirement of the right to work, a Korean workers’ meeting for resistance to the repeal of “the law to punish enterprise which caused grave disaster”, and a meeting for the celebration of the Labor Day.

Meanwhile, the progressive organizations, and the progressive mass medias and literary artists issue statements and censure that if the moves of Yun, a prosecutor fascist and a greenhorn in politics is ignored, ideological and regional dispute, sex and class discrimination will be aggravated, and we will suffer a misfortune.

They also create and give out various kinds of works such as poem and desultory criticism in keen denunciation of Yun.

The progressive organizations including the National People’s Action and the Solidarity of Progress conduct brisk activities including street demonstration, putting up of placard in demand of abolition of his election promise of showdown against the north, struggle against joint military game for invasion of the north, campaign to remove the US military bases in south Korea, and independent rally against the US, saying that owing to Yun’s extreme diplomatic and security policy,  the inter-Korean military confrontation may be worsened.

Days ago, the South Side Committee and Overseas Committee for Realizing the June 15 Joint Declaration held an online policy conference and revealed dangerousness and unreasonableness of his confrontational policy against the north.

Meanwhile, they expressed their resolution to wage positive activities including fierce struggle demanding permanent discontinuance of the US-south Korea joint military game, seminar with the organization of overseas compatriots and international peace activists, and issue of joint statement.

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