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 Yun Seok-yol of the People’s Power Party is being disgraced for his endless ridiculous remarks and manners.

   Some days ago he showed his left palm marked with the letter 王 (king) in the presence of people.

   His behavior laid him open to public censure again.

   He must be so desperate for the presidency to wave his hand with letter “king” in public; it makes me speechless to accept that such a guy should be a candidate for presidency, a resident deplored.

   In the meantime some evaluate Yun’ s act as superstition.

   A person who mistakes president as a king is in the lead in the PPP, I almost feel sorry for them, a reserved candidate said in scorn.

   A believer in superstition is a loser in election, a reserved candidate of the PPP jeered.

   Yun is an illiterate not knowing the ABC of politics, due treatment for a power-hungry guy, serves him right, broad spectrum of south Koreans denounce.

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