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Power of the DPRK

January 6, 2016

On that day, there was a world-shaking event.

On that day, the Korean nation was transported with joy.

The long-cherished desire of the nation to be a prosperous and military power has been realized in Kim Jong Un era.

The DPRK’s H-bomb test proved successful.

WPK Central Committee Issues Order to Conduct First H-Bomb Test

Everybody wants to be strong.
However, the strong power to defend the country and nation has not come of its own accord.

Now in many parts of the world, there are a lot of the nations suffer misery whose destinies are under the jackboot of the imperialists owing to the lack of power.

However, the DPRK people lead a happy life whereas many people in the world are under constant danger.

Does this happiness come out as a result of good conditions?

A touch-and-go situation persist in the DPRK due to the nuclear threat and blackmail of imperialist war maniacs and the DPRK people had to underwent the unimaginable Arduous March by the US and its followers’ policy of isolation, economic blockade and sanctions.

The Korean nation has lived under the nuclear threat since the birth of nuclear weapon. The dark clouds of nuclear warfare are hanging constantly over the Korean Peninsula.

However, supreme leader Kim Jong Un swept all clouds of nuclear warfare over the Korean Peninsula, as the result, the national sovereignty and right to live are guaranteed for all generations.

The era is gone forever when the US would threaten the DPRK with nukes and the DPRK is now the most serious threat to the US.

The unparalleled power of the DPRK is that of the supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Under his sophisticated leadership, smiting the arbitrary and cruel US imperialists with merciless arms when the other nations surrendered to them worldwide, the DPRK has developed into the most powerful nuclear state with H-bomb.

The south Korean people hail the mighty self-defensive nuclear deterrent power of the DPRK as a treasured sword of the nation ensuring national prosperity that defends the dignity and sovereignty of the nation.

 “It is an honor and pride of the nation that north Korea is in the nuclear club of nuclear power”, “Thanks to the Songun Politics of the brilliant commander, the Korean nation could become a dignified nation the world is envious of.”

The above-said statements are the admiration of the south Korean people of various circles.

The power of the DPRK demonstrating throughout the world, the boundless pride of the people under wise leadership of the benevolent leader.

The fact tells that the audacious defender of people, the long-awaited savior of destiny of humankind, leads the world in the DPRK.

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