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Powerful war deterrence of north Korea

The south Korean people feel wonder and admiration for might of north Korea that shatters reckless war provocations of the US and its followers with arms of Songun and defends dignity and sovereignty of the nation, while praising the justness and vitality of Songun politics.

A member of pro-reunification body noted at a forum titled “Situation on the Korean Peninsula and US” that the US hostile policy towards north Korea is pushing the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the extreme limit of tension. He went on:

The US moves heaven and earth to realize its world supremacy, looking on north Korea as a thorn in its flesh, however, it is no more than a wild dream. Now north Korea regards the military affairs as the most important state affair. It has a strong power enough to flatten threat and challenge of any aggressive forces. Thanks to it, north Korea firmly safeguards its national dignity in the face of all manner of maneuvers of the US.

Now the south Korean regime studies the pleasure of the US and Japan. It makes every possible means to win favor with flattery. But, things go opposite in north Korea. It is always taking an imposing attitude. It pursues Songun politics as it says what it likes to say and does what it is determined to do, a professor in Busan told to his disciples.

As a word doesn’t make sense with a robber, a power of an independent nation is the only mean to stand against the imperialists. It is arms of Songun, a figure living in Seoul wrote in his article.

Internet websites of south Korea carried articles such as “A strong war deterrence provided by Songun politics defends the US military offensive against north Korea.” “The Songun politics of north Korea prevents war on the Korean Peninsula” and “The powerful military muscle of north Korea is an effective remedy for preventing aggression of foreign force free from war on the Korean Peninsula.”

The strong national strength of north Korea built up by the Songun politics is the key to
invincibility. It has flattened Uncle Sam that has kept small nations under its thumb.
They feel a great national pride through it. Now north Korea is admired by the world people a powerful nation and it is entirely attributable to the Songun politics and sagacious leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il, a dissident said.

The south Korean people of every degree speak in high terms of eulogy that Chairman Kim Jong Il’s decision of Songun politics is the distinguished services and the victory of north Korea is brought by the Songun politics of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The south Korean people cherish the belief that the future of the Korean nation is brighter as they are led by the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, another brilliant commander born of heaven, and national reunification ardently desired by the Chairman will be surely realized.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un made full preparations to cope with modern warfare by applying cutting-edge technology. By doing so, he dispirited the war maneuvers of the imperialists to meet their end. At the same he is a young leader of boldness to make the anti-imperialist camp to hold high the banner of independence of the world and make the world look up Kim Il Sung‘s and Kim Jong Il’s nation, Jajuminbo, an Internet paper wrote.

Thanks to steadfast pluck and wise leadership of KPA supreme commander Kim Jong Un who succeeds to Songun politics of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, the day when the US offers a document of surrender to north Korea, would surely come, a professor in Busan asserted.

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