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Product of animosity

 The Yoon Suk-yeol regime’s policy toward north Korea is consistent with the theory of “principal enemy”.

“The north Korean government and the Korean People’s Army is the enemy” is specified in the national defense white paper of the south Korean army.

According to this, psychological education and strict discipline to correct the wrong viewpoint on the principal enemy are being enforced in the south Korean army and across south Korea to fan up the extreme hostile feelings against north Korea.

The Yoon regime paints a black picture of the historic inter-Korean summits and spouts a load of inflammatory remarks without hesitation that the north-south joint declarations and agreements should be abrogated.

The theory of “principal enemy” is an open showdown with the fellow countrymen.

It is wild ambition of the Yoon regime to realize the worn-out “unification through absorption” by means of strength, totally derailing the process for inter-Korean reconciliation and cooperation.

“New north wind”, which eclipses Park Chung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan, is blowing unseasonably, and malicious expressions such as the “communist forces”, “invasion” and “provocation” are heard in south Korea.

The south Korean authorities’ advocacy of the theory of “principal enemy” is a manifestation of fright at the military strength of north Korea.

Taken aback by north Korea’s position of nuclear power, the south Korean authorities throw their tongue against north Korea with unreasonable insistence and sophism.

The theory of “principal enemy” is a desperate struggle of the Yoon regime to prolong its despicable life.

It is a miserable wriggling of those who have been forsaken by the nation and a prelude to the tragic end of devils who are doomed to be entombed in the grave of history in the near future.

The Yoon regime which regards north Korea and its army as the “principal enemy” is neither the dialogue partner of north Korea nor the other party of national cohesion.

The Yoon regime will keenly feel itself how lucky those days when the north and the south signed the Panmunjom Declaration and Pyongyang Declaration through the amicable dialogue were, and how risky the current security situation giving priority to tightening the nexus with the outside forces is.

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