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Proposal for Yoon regime’s resignation and pan-national strike

Popular movement organization in south Korea called for pan-national strike for the removal of the Yoon government and officially proposed to form a joint structure.

Claiming that workers, farmers and needy in the city were the most suffered and oppressed people during the one year of the Yoon regime, they clarified that the most suffered makes up the majority of people and they will strive to remove the Yoon regime at any cost.

Yoon’s junket to Japan and the US and war maneuver on the Korean Peninsula not only give rise to serious concern of people but has reached to a stage of threatening their lives. Putting an wedge in the criticism and protest of the people and further strengthening physical oppression, Yoon has turn the clock of history ten years or one hundred years back and the people’s lamentation and indignation have turn out to be a time fuse of resistance, they emphasized.

Elders of religious, academic and social circles declared time of emergency and issue declarations on the situation in succession, practical actions are being carried out for the removal of the regime and we have to prepare pan-national strike for Yoon’s removal from the presidency together with the most oppressed and indignant workers, farmers and poor, they proposed.

According to the proposal, representatives’ meeting will be held on June, 27th with the participation of social elders and figures of all the organizations who agree to the struggle for the removal of Yoon regime and the first conference on the current situation to get the Yoon regime withdrawn will be convened on July, 15th.

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