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Protesting against US

On September 26, the grand peace march of the south Korean students had a rally in front of the White House to condemn the US.

They made speeches and chanted slogans outside the White House and exchanged greetings with members of expedition who are claiming withdrawal of the US forces in south Korea.


Prior to this, out of the desire of all Koreans for national independence and national self-determination, they gave a performance outside the State Department.

After the rally, they went to the Capitol to deliver speeches against the US disturbing the process of peace of the Korean Peninsula.

The US should stop at once the act of obstructing improvement of inter-Korean relations by abusing the UN and withdraw the US forces present in south Korea, a member asserted. 

They shouted slogans “The US should stop interference in domestic affairs and withdraw its troops from south Korea!” and “Retract the sanctions against north Korea and implement the DPRK-US agreement!”

 Meanwhile, civic organizations including the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea’s Reunification had a meeting outside the US embassy in Seoul on September 21.

They called for the people to turn out in the action to drive out the foreign force in order to achieve national reunification, saying that the anti-US campaign is the righteous one requested by the era.

They chanted slogans demanding immediate implementation of the DPRK-US joint statement and discontinuance of intervention in internal affairs of south Korea. 

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