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Proud course of 50 years

The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front greets its 50th birth anniversary at a time when south Korean revolutionary movement marks a new turning-point.

The Revolutionary Party of Reunification, founded on August 25, 1969, was renamed the National Democratic Front of south Korea and then the organization has its current name of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front since March 2005. The AINDF has traversed hard and bloody path to achieve independence, democracy and reunification under the banner of Juche for five decades.

During the period the AINDF has led the south Korean revolutionary movement to victory under the banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. The AINDF has performed its mission as a patriotic vanguard leading the south Korean people’s sacred struggle for national liberation, democracy and independent reunification.

The AINDF has carried out the revolution along the path of Juche, regarding the immortal Juche idea as the only guiding ideology, undergoing all tempests of history.

 The AINDF has positively supported the proposals for independent and peaceful reunification and vigorously waged actions against vicious moves of the anti-reunification elements at home and abroad to stoke inter-Korean confrontation and war maneuvers, true to noble intention of the peerless great men. 

In each period and at each stage of the revolutionary movement, the AINDF has released statements on political situation and pending issues of south Korea to cast light on direction of the people’s movement by declaring its stand and will throughout the world.   

The leading figures of the AINDF such as comrades Kim Jong-tae and Choi Young-do were brutally killed by south Korean fascist authorities, however, the AINDF has dynamically conducted its activities.

The righteous assertion and remarkable struggle enjoy positive support from the Korean nation and international anti-imperialist forces of the world and its influence continue to expand highly. 

In particular, groups for the study of Juche idea and organizations of Britain, Switzerland and Spain are launching actions to support the struggle of the AINDF and south Korean people.

The AINDF vanguard fighters and south Koreans are greatly inspired by organizations of the world and they are grateful for it.

The AINDF’s proud course of 50 years and its high prestige is attributable to wise guidance of the peerless great men. It is an inevitable fruition in following the path of Juche.

The AINDF is faced with important task to put an end to century-long occupation rule of the foreign force and transform social climate fraught with injustice and corruption. It should accelerate the struggle for achieving the people’s desire for peace and reunification.

The south Korean people have craved for a new society, politics and life, however, their desire have not yet been realized owing to obstructive moves of the hostile elements within and without.

The south Korean warlike force is widely introducing up-to-date war hardware with stupendous amount of war expenditure. Meanwhile, it is escalating the tension by conducting war games against the DPRK in pursuit of the foreign force.

The south Korean conservative group have put a brake on people’s advance, while openly disturbing the implementation of historic inter-Korean declarations. Meantime, they have made desperate efforts to revive its age of treacherous conservatism.

The prevailing situation requests the AINDF vanguard fighters and people from all social standings to further intensify their righteous struggle without interruption they have conducted for decades.  

We will lead the struggle to victory to build an independent and righteous society where the people are masters of it by putting an end to the domination of foreign forces and liquidating pro-US and Japanese rule and conservative force.

We, regarding the proposals for reunifying the country as the most reasonable milestone, will accelerate the campaign for realizing the independent reunification and intensify a vigorous action to foil vicious moves of the anti-reunification forces within and without.

The course of struggle is rough, however, the cause of the AINDF is invincible as it is advancing under the leadership of the peerless great persons.

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