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Public judgment on Yoon’s six months in power

      6 months have elapsed since Yoon Suk-yeol came into power. The criticism on and discontent with Yoon from all strata in south Korea escalated even before he sat on the “throne” are being stirred up further as days go by.

“Refrain from anti-DPRK policy”, “step down Yoon from the presidency, the mastermind driving the situation on the Korean Peninsula to a critical phase”, “this will lead to a real war”, “the leftover of four and half years would cause more anxiety”

These are the manifestation of natural indignation of people about the villainous war maniacs who plunged south Korea into a restless pot of horror.

The broad spectrum of south Korean people sharply denounce the traitor Yoon who has aggravated the situation on the Korean Peninsula clinging to a dangerous confrontational policy against the DPRK while reviving all sorts of nuclear war drills against north Korea and deploying the US strategic nuclear assets.

Ceaseless is the severe criticism on the traitor’s lamentable domestic rule and actual reality of diplomatic work.

The so-called “cooperation”, “communication” and “unification of people” talked about by the traitor are simply in words and confrontation, miscommunication and conflict are things in real. The function of the National Assembly has been paralyzed due to the political revenge on opposition parties thus resulting in no administration. It is the uniform opinion of the south Korean press and experts that ignorance and inability of political novice have brought about multitudes of economic crisis and calamity.

And Yoon’s foreign trip is also ridiculed by them: the “shameful visits” acting disgracefully around the world, being hit by the US on the back of his head, being disregarded in the face by Japan with the “humiliating diplomacy” causing huge economic loss and military disadvantage.

Herein lies the gross mistake of choosing Yoon, an unheard-of war maniac and confrontationist and the surging indignation and hatred against him who is good for nothing.

All these are public feeling of south Korea on his dirty ruling record.

There has never been a ruler who got such a worst assessment in the history of corrupt politics in south Korea.

It is crystal clear that Yoon’s future would be more miserable since he was named a worst ruler in 6 months of ruling.

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