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Publication of an appeal to people

     The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front on September 3 issued an appeal titled “Let us turn out in a nationwide resistance to throw the ringleader of Yongsan overboard” to south Korean people.

South Korea is inflamed with surging indignation against Yoon Suk-yeol who has committed treacherous crimes with his anti-popular policy and south Koreans from various circles turn out in a vigorous action against Yoon, the appeal said and continued.

“Yoon, the root of all evils, step down!” and “the Yoon government with incompetent approach, get out of here!” are heard outside the Yongsan presidential office, the National Assembly and across south Korea including Seoul, Busan and Ulsan.    

Civil bodies including the People’s Sovereignty Solidarity held protest rallies and press conferences and labor organizations including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions launched various kinds of actions against the Yoon regime in solidarity with civil, youth and women groups.  

Lots of civil organizations and women bodies strongly demand retirement of Yoon who have trampled down sexual equality and the people’s right to live through candlelight resistance.

The organizations including the People’s Action and the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration released the statements and commentaries at the rallies in protest against the US. They expressed their will to punish crimes committed by Yoon who drives the worst crisis of war with frequent south Korea-US joint military exercises and reduces the south Koreans into a scapegoat for a nuclear war.

One man-demonstration, street march, art performance, tearing off photos of Yoon and burning Yoon in effigy in demand of the retirement of him are being held in 70 regions of south Korea. In 30 cities, Korean residents in foreign nations strongly demand the withdrawal of Yoon from the presidency.  

There has been no such public resentment at a ruler in a matter of 100 days of inauguration since the advent of successive regimes.  

This is an eruption of mettle of the south Koreans who will never pardon in the least the treacherous political rule and sins of the Yoon regime and put a period to it through stubborn actions.

Nevertheless, the Yoon clique, far from complying with demand of the people, has ruthlessly suppressed the actions of various circles on the strength of governmental and legal authority and responded with inter-Korean confrontation and war maneuvers against north Korea.   

Yoon himself lead the south Koreans to a place for resistance.

Sycophancy, dependence on foreign forces, inter-Korean conflict, war maneuvers, economic slump and deterioration of people’s livelihood serve as the fuse of public outcry and resistance.  

Yoon took power by enticing the public feelings with honeyed words. What he has done is that he has reduced south Korea into a colony of the US with his pro-US and Japanese politics, made south Korea with a political backwardness where factional strife is rampant and turned it into a barren land of democracy and the right to live and a special uneasy area fraught with disaster and pains.

 He talked about the “politics for people” in public and made the presidential office with his kith and kin and a playground for his wife and shaman. He formed his government with his close confidants by nominating them as ministers and vice-ministers.

He made the prosecution service, the police and the National Intelligence Service as his bodyguards. He is keen on removing his political rivals and progressive bodies irrespective of the political, labor and press circles.

The south Koreans are now mired in the swamp of misfortune owing to the anti-popular economic policy of the Yoon regime.

The workers are on the verge of layoffs and unemployment with lamentable restructuring of the south Korean authorities. Various sorts of industrial disasters break out and the workers are killed in their workplaces with poor working conditions.   

The south Koreans failed to buy food stuff with skyrocketing prices and the small and medium-sized groups are on the edge of bankruptcy by low production, under-consumption and poor investment.

The Yoon regime threw all commitments made in the presidential election for the youth in their 20s and 30s like a worn-out shoes. It made the youth give up hope of employment, marriage and residence and the people are plagued by heavy taxation.   

Thundering noise of war are heard in south Korea and the people are suffering from fear and uneasiness

The history of south Korean politics has been scandalous under the control of the US, however, there has been no such destructive calamity, manifold trials and deterioration of people’s welfare.     

The public disillusion with Yoon, who is utterly ignorant of politics, economy and military affairs and generates lack of contact, economic depression and anxiety, reach to the extreme.

The conservative forces, which casted votes in favor of Yoon turned their backs on him. Even the western nations pour their condemnation on Yoon, saying he is the last ruler with low supporting rate and he is a guy without a political career.

The present reality irrefutably proves that as long as Yoon stays in Yongsan presidential office the people’s unrest and potential crisis can never be mitigated.

The current situation requests the south Korean people to turn out in the nationwide resistance to liquidate the ringleader of Yongsan, the enemy and woe of the people, the appeal said. The appeal called for the south Korean people craving for new politics, life and society to wage a candlelight resistance to oust Yoon from the presidency in the spirit of bringing Park Geun-hye to ruin.  

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