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Puerile Farce

The US imperialists slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent Korean people in the cruellest means and ways and reduced Korea to a heap of ashes during the past Korean War.

But the opposition United Future Party held a meeting to foment the atmosphere of a new war, praising the past Korean War. 



They have fan up war fever, clamoring about a claim for damages, resumption of the loudspeaker broadcasting and joint military exercise against north Korea, deployment of strategic assets and reallocation of tactical nukes.

It is the expression of sinister intention to justify the past Korean War which was ignited by the pro-US group under the control of the US and to escalate inter-Korean confrontation with the same brethren.

The fact proves that the UFP is traitorous party to maintain their dirty remaining days with no heed to peace and safety.

It is quite natural that broad segments of south Korean people are strongly demanding the dissolution of the UFP.


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