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Quickening self-ruin

     The south Korean military went insane.

South Korean defense minister Seo Wook spouted a flurry of jargons about preemptive strike on north Korea at a reform ceremony of the strategic command of missile.   

He is out of his mind to talk about the preemptive attack upon north Korea, a powerful nuclear weapons state.

The military’s bellicosity reaches to the extreme.

The military has made frantic attempt to reorganize units to cope with “threat of north Korea” and conducted joint military exercises under various codenames. It has revised and supplemented operational scenarios against north Korea in conspiracy with the US and Japan.  

It is an idle boast of the military for fear of north Korea’s tremendous military strength. In addition, it is an open provocation of wrecking peace to drive the situation of the Korean Peninsula to the dangerous phase in cahoots with the foreign force.

It is the height of the military’s impudence to talk about peace and security with animosity toward north Korea.

It is an act as running one’s head against a wall.

The south Korean military is better to behave with prudence and self-control, being well aware of its insanity would cause dreadful outcome.

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