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Radiant Life

The dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un said in his speach at a military parade in celebration of the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung

 Our Party and the government of the DPRK will join hands with anyone who sincerely wishes the reunification of the country and peace and prosperity of the nation, and make responsible and persevering efforts to realize the historic cause of the country’s reunification.

Now the Korean people are greatly moved by magnanimity and warm patriotism of Marshal Kim Jong Un in relation to death of Moon Sun Myung, president of the World Peace Federation. 

The dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un sent a message of condolence and a wreath to the bier of Moon Sun Myung, expressing deep condolences over his death. 

A wreath sent by the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un to the bier of Moon Sun Myung was conveyed to his bereaved family. Moon Hyung Jin was deeply moved by the fact that Kim Jong Un sent a message of condolences, a wreath and words of consolation over the passing of Moon Sun Myung. He extended his warmest thanks to Kim Jong Un.


The National Reunification Prize awarding to Moon Sun Myung who positively contributed to the patriotic cause for the peaceful reunification of the country and the prosperity common to the nation was conveyed to his bereaved family.

With warm embrace of the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, Moon’s life full of vicissitudes is highlighted as patriotism. 

As everyone knows, Moon once had been notorious as a diehard anti-communist when he was the founder of the Unification Church.  

President Kim Il Sung met him, saying that it is a tragedy of the Korean nation that was bisected and it is wrong to talk about the past deed in the place of discussing national reunification by the concerted efforts of the Korean nation, we should unite in one mind with those who had unhappy past.   

Moon admired at broad-mindedness and magnanimity of the President who saw to it that Moon, once steeped in anti-communism, visits his native place and met him.  

Deeply touched by warm affection of Chairman Kim Jong Ilwho treasured close relations with Moon Sun Myung, his son Moon Hyung Jin and his party visited Pyongyang to express deep condolences over the passing of Kim Jong Il in December of last year.  

Led by Marshal Kim Jong Un, who works heart and soul for realizing national reunification true to lofty intention of the great men of Mt. Paektu, the efforts and feats Moon Sun Myung made for inter-Korean reconciliation, unity, reunification and global peace will go down.

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